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Women’s watch masterclass

by Rachael Miller
16 May, 2012
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Rachael is a journalist with a love of fashion and watches. No one would believe that behind her carefree smile she harbours a deep dislike of raisins. Rachael reports on fashion watches, handling special assignments with an emphasis on watches for women.


Last week we looked at watches to woo women. This week we are looking at the way women have an almost instinctive ability to co-ordinate shoes with accessories such as, well, watches. As you study the choices, bear in mind that women tend not to be so concerned about mechanical movements, chronographs and double tourbillions, it’s all about the look. Learn that, and you’ll learn a whole lot about picking a watch for a woman. We asked Katie of Money to put some exciting watch and shoe combinations together.

Why Co-ordination is the Key

If you’re anything like me, and as you’re reading this article I’m guessing you could be, ‘the look’ is everything. From the colour of the laces on your gym shoes to the colour of my watch face – everything goes together to create the overall look.

You’d be amazed how many times, when out on dates, the man comments on my shoes and my watch and completely sidesteps my dress. This either means I have horrible taste in dresses or the men I date have an appreciation of incredible attention to detail.

This attention to detail should be maintained at all times in order to be able to call yourself a fully-fledged fashionista. With this guide to help you set the right tone… you can’t possibly go wrong.

The Little Black Dress Look

Jimmy Choos and Dior watch

The little black dress oozes elegance, style and sophistication and your accessories should mirror this. A patent strapped smaller La D de Dior would be an incredible addition to vamp up any LBD, but it comes at a price – a costly £1,550..

And what shoes does one wear with Dior? The godfather of shoes of course – this stunning pair of Jimmy Choo heels come in at £495.00 but with the diamanté detailing and slinky, black fabric, these two are a match made in heaven.

A Lady That Lunches

White shoe with Juicy Couture watch

For all those casual lunches this pair of white lace-ups is a steal at £12.00 from ASOS. Paired with this Juicy Couture Pedigree watch for £150.00 this combo is guaranteed to wow your friends and ooze sophistication and subtle glamour.

The gold casing and diamanté detailing on the watch adds a touch of sophistication whilst the white ensures you look fresh, modern and at the height of casual fashion.

If Your Body is a Temple

Adidas trainers with Hip Hop watch

When it comes to the gym there really is no excuse not to coordinate. This pair of Adidas Ease Low ST trainers are perfect for looking incredible on the cross-trainer. Team the trainers with a Hip Hop watch at just £24.99 and you’ll never have to worry about co-ordination again. The watch has interchangable straps and cases so no matter what you want to wear, there’s a watch to match.

The subtle flashes of white on both shoes and watch co-odinate beautifully, adding that fresh, new feeling that is bound to give you that extra boost on the treadmill.

These Shoes are Made for Dancing

Turquoise shoes with Sekonda watch

For those late night impressions these aqua Carvela heels are bound to put a spring in your step knowing that you are hitting the town in £120.00 shoes that look a million dollars – teamed with this Sekonda Party Time watch for just £29.99 no one need ever know you bagged a bargain!

Pastel greens and oranges are this season’s must have and will make a real statement with any outfit.

Country Bumpkin

Leather boots with DKNY ceramic watch

For those who love the country look, these Sole boots for £129.99 team up perfectly with this DKNY ceramic fashion watch at £135.00. Mixing practicality with elegance, this pair are worthy of Kate Middleton. The watch boasts water resistance up to 50m, so no need to worry about mud splashes.

The gold detailing of the ceramic quartz chronograph watch adds a subtle touch of class to what is a very modern, fashionable watch, teamed with the buckle on the boot they set eachother off beautifully.

The moral of the story here is that no matter where you are or what you’re doing there is never an excuse not to be co-ordinated, it might not be blindingly obvious at first sight but it is the attention to detail that will shout the loudest when it comes to looking good. So strap on your watch, pull on those shoes and strut your stuff on life’s catwalk. After all, you’re glamorous, flaunt it!

This article was written by Katie – a lover of shoes, photography and girls nights out. Katie is a writer for, offering advice on everything from mortgages to credit cards.

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Rachael is a journalist with a love of fashion and watches. No one would believe that behind her carefree smile she harbours a deep dislike of raisins. Rachael reports on fashion watches, handling special assignments with an emphasis on watches for women.

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