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Which watches to take on holiday

by Rachael Miller
22 January, 2013
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Rachael is a journalist with a love of fashion and watches. No one would believe that behind her carefree smile she harbours a deep dislike of raisins. Rachael reports on fashion watches, handling special assignments with an emphasis on watches for women.

Travel essentials

With Britain currently knee deep in the white stuff, it’s not surprising that many people are dreaming of their summer holidays. In fact not only are they dreaming, they are also scheming, planning and paying for vacations. Part of the fun of a holiday is definitely in the dreaming and the planning. So when it comes to getting the most from a holiday, it’s important to make sure you’ve packed all of the essential accessories.

Of course, whilst passports, travel insurance, sun lotion and sun glasses are essentials, there’s nothing more frustrating than not having a reliable means to tell the time. Even in countries where time is not so important, you still need to know what time the bars open and what time the kids should report back to base! What follows is a selection of practical, versatile and good looking watches that you can take on holiday without having to blow your holiday budget before you even reach the terminal.

Digital/Analogue watches

Kenneth Cole New York Men’s KC1749 Digi-Tech Dual Time Zone Automatic Watch

Kenneth Cole Dual Time Zone KC1786

For travellers who prefer their timepiece to have hands rather than digits, Kenneth Cole’s Dual-Time-Zone KC1749 might be just the thing, as it gives the option of both. A stylish rectangular dual time watch with a leather strap, and a reliable digital quartz movement, this is perfect for dinner but robust enough to wear while snorkelling.  It’s water-resistant up to 165 feet and with dual time zones; this watch would suit both novice and experienced divers and travellers.

Skagen Women’s 20SSSMP Steel Collection Dual Time Zone Stainless Steel Watch

Skagen Women's 20SSSMP Steel Collection Dual Time Zone Stainless Steel Watch

For ladies who enjoy their travel yet want a watch that is both practical yet stylish, why not try the elegant Skagen 20SSMP? This dual-time-zone watch from Danish watchmakers Skagen, combines practicality with style and has a silver finish fit for a romantic evening meal out. It makes a great travelers watch, the crystals pick up the light and make the dials easy to read. The circumference of the wristband is easy to adjust, an important feature for if you have slim wrists. When the wristband is closed, the loose end of the strap is underneath, against the skin, so it doesn’t catch on clothes or other objects.

Digital watches

If you prefer digital, this type of watch has a number of benefits as well as a number of different uses. For instance, digital watches are often used as an extra alarm clock so you don’t miss the shuttle bus on the last day of your holiday. There’s also a light when you need to see what the time is. Digital watches also fall into the category of retro-chic, so can function as a fashionable and stylish accessory as well as a practical tool.

Casio BABY-G BGA-113-7BDR Ladies Combi Resin Strap Watch

Casio Baby-G BGA-113 7BDR

For ladies, the Casio Baby-G offers a combination of chic and stylish design with functionality and reliability. Baby-G’s wide range of tough watches for women are built to be shock proof thanks to G-Shock Technology, but without losing their feminine style. This particular watch comes in a range of colours, from restrained and subtle to brighter shades of pink or purple, but I chose fashionable white. With this watch you get a water-proof and shock-proof accessory that provides both an alarm and light.

Timex Ironman Dual Tech – T5B141

Timex Ironman Dual Tech T5B141

For men, while the Casio G-Shock is always popular option, the Timex Ironman is also an excellent buy for those looking for a holiday watch with all the extras. As the name suggests, the 43mm Ironman is a triathlon timing watch with all the functions you would expect. This includes a stopwatch, alarm and 100 metres water resistance. It also has ‘Indiglo’, which means you simply press a button and it glows in the dark. The watch also has two alarms which are handy for setting two time zones, one in the morning and then an alarm for the evening.

Techno-nerd watch

Of course, for some a holiday watch needs to be more than just practical and more than just a means of telling the time. It needs to take the place of many other gadgets.

Citizen Gents Skyhawk Black Eagle JR3155-54E

Citizen Skyhawk Black Eagle JR3155-54E

You might think this involves spending thousands but that’s not the case. A Citizen Skyhawk Black Eagle has enough technology to make James Bond envious but costs under £500. There’s no laser but it does have atomic timing, is radio controlled, gets its power from your movement and has two alarms and a countdown timer. There’s a rotating slide-rule bezel which allows you to make complex calculations and a power-reserve indicator so you know how long the battery will last if you take it off.

There really is no end of choice when it comes to choosing a holiday watch. However, although it might take you nearly as long to choose one as it did to pick your holiday destination; at least you’ll be unlikely to miss your flight.

However, if your choice of watch is expensive, make sure it’s covered by your travel insurance. If your watch gets stolen, lost or broken you may need to claim on your insurance. This is the same of any item of value you take away with you. Compare travel insurance with MoneySupermarket

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Rachael is a journalist with a love of fashion and watches. No one would believe that behind her carefree smile she harbours a deep dislike of raisins. Rachael reports on fashion watches, handling special assignments with an emphasis on watches for women.

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