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Weekly watch news round-up

by Michael Weare
15 March, 2013
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Michael Weare has been a professional writer for 30 years, writing about Japanese technology, German and Italian cars, British tailoring and Swiss watches. Michael manages the editorial content of Click Tempus and will be keeping the magazine fresh and informative with regular features, as well as bringing great writers to the magazine. Email:

Click Tempus Watch News Roundup copy

Watch news round-up

Forgive the terrible visual pun, but we wanted to find a way to give you all the most important watch news each week in the quickest, most digestible form possible, otherwise all those great new timepieces and important haute horology happenings will simply shake loose and get away from you. So from now on, each week, we’re going to round ‘em up and rope ‘em in.  In addition to our usual more in-depth watch articles, we will now also give you a quick round-up of what else is hot in the world of watches.

Girard-Perregaux watch tour reaches Sydney

Girard Perregaux watch tour reaches Sydney

Girard-Perregaux has brought the finest of its young watchmakers to Australia to celebrate the launch of the adventure sports collection ‘Hawk’. The Sydney visit is part of a global tour in which the talent of this exceptional group of craftsmen and craftswomen is being showcased. Having already visited, Beijing, Miami and Le glacier d’Aletsch in the Alps, it is Sydney’s time to shine as a selection of watch enthusiasts and VIPs were invited to an event at the Park Hyatt. There, the Girard-Perregaux’s watchmakers demonstrated the intricacies of the movements they are manufacturing and conducted hands-on lessons.

HYT H2 tantalise watch fans with teaser


You may have seen this ominous dark and moody new timepiece gazing at you from a number of watch blogs. It’s a teaser to promote the new HYT H2. It’s a hydro-mechanical timepiece with the hours indicated by the meniscus of two fluids. HYT will unveil the H2, created in collaboration with Giulio Papi and his team at AP Renaud & Papi (APRP) at Baselworld 2013, starting April 25th. A breathless watch world awaits.

CORUM’s pre-Baselworld taster: Ti-Bridge Automatic Dual Winder

Corum Ti-Bridge Automatic Dual Winder

You’re looking at the latest addition to the Bridges collection by Corum, the Ti-Bridge Automatic Dual Winder, heralds a new chapter in watchmaking history. In  tune with the collection’s linear architecture, the new Dual Winder system of the automatic CO 207 caliber – designed, developed and patented by Corum – derives its energy from two interconnected inline oscillating weights. It’s a world first for this avant-garde timepiece.

Featuring the collection’s typical tonneau shape, the generous 42 x 52 mm case is slimmer than its predecessors and has a broad front opening revealing Calibre CO 207, as well as a rectangular rear aperture onto the rotating mechanism and its two unusual inline oscillating weights. Water-resistant to 30 meters and fitted with a domed sapphire crystal, the Ti-Bridge Automatic Dual Winder is available in a 200- piece limited production in grade 5 titanium – the only titanium alloy that can be polished – fitted with a rubber-type leather strap or a grade 5 titanium bracelet.

Charriol 30th anniversary COLVMBVS models

Philippe Charriol COLVMBVS Grande Date GMT

Like Swatch, only considerably more up-market, Philippe Charriol is celebrating 30 years in watchmaking this year and to celebrate he has released three ambitious new additions to the men’s range of COLVMBVS first created in 1988.

The new COLVMBVS  Grande Date GMT will be joined later by 2 more COLVMBVS  models, each with complicated movements. Available in 300, 30 and 3 pieces respectively, these models offer male customers a trio of elegant and powerful timepieces imbued with a spirit of adventure.

Habring² jumps in with new Jumping Seconds Moon Phase

Habring Jumping Hour Moon Phase

Habring have brought out a new Jumping Seconds watch called the Jumping Seconds Moon Phase. The moon phase display with an enlarged moon at 6 o’clock is brand new. The visual appearance has also changed: the new black dial with its characteristic illuminated numbers is encased in a satinised stainless steel reminiscent of the pilots’ watches of the 40s and 50s. Even though the magnetic field protection required in those days is no longer necessary, it is still available on request.

DeWitt launches new elitist ad campaign

DeWitt advertising campaign

DeWitt ad camapign ladies

Highly regarded Swiss watch brand DeWitt is displaying its aristocratic credentials in a new ad campaign aimed at today’s new up and coming entrepreneurs – which the campaign brads as the new emperors. This alludes to the company owner Jerome Napoloen DeWitt’s direct ancestral bloodline back to the Emperor Napoloen. To acquire and own a Dewitt watch is to enter into this exclusive and privileged world, reserved to those in search of ultimate perfection and consummate luxury, in other words, the world of the new emperors.

The brand offers a reinterpretation of its ancestor’s illustrious hand-in-waistcoat gesture through two understated and elegant visuals, highlighting two of its emblematic collections: the Twenty-8-Eight and Golden Afternoon watches. The campaign is supported by the new tagline revolutionary by tradition – another nod to the owner’s Napoleonic heritage.

Christophe Claret aims to double production

Christophe Claret Soprano

After the Soprano, unveiled in autumn 2012, Christophe Claret, one of the most innovative brands in all of haute horology, will be in Baselworld with Kantharos, a monopusher chronograph striking on cathedral gong chimes that should see production double to 200 pieces a year. The Christophe Claret brand is gaining ground on third-party orders and already accounts for half of production. The Jean Dunand brand, headed by Claret alongside Thierry Oulevay, has been transferred to Le Locle and put on hold. Christophe Claret will be at Baselworld this year with a monopusher chronograph striking on cathedral gong chimes that marks the brand’s first incursion into “simple” watches, the aim being to double the number of watches produced under the Christophe Claret name to 200 by 2014. Another model, Poker, should follow at the end of the year, the third in the series of “wrist-borne casinos.” No small feat, but Christophe Claret has never been one to shirk on a challenge

Emporio Armani launches Spring 2013 collection

Emporio Armani Spring Collection

The new spring 2013 watch collection by Italian designer brand Emporio Armani is ready to hit the shelves, with a range of men’s and women’s timepieces designed to be neat, natural and simple in their design. The range of models includes both chronograph and two-handed timepieces, created in a palette of nude, light brown, gold and bronze reflecting a sense of understated luxury. Collection highlights include a larger, 43mm chronograph and smaller women’s models with rose gold cases and Roman numeral details.

Cuervo Y Sobrinos unveils new model for Baselworld 2013

Cuervo Y Sobrinos Historiador Flameante

The noted Latin American brand Cuervo Y Sobrinos, almost forgotten in time when Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba in 1959,  has looked back through its past catalogue to create the Historiador Flameante, a revived model which will see the light of day at BaselWorld in April. The new Historiador Flameante breathes life into a landmark model from Cuervo Y Sobrinos 1950s timepiece collection.

The Flameante is so called due to its flame-like guilloché enamel dial and movement finishes. On the back of the watch, visible through the caseback, is the Côtes de Genève pattern on the plate, blued screws, and the inscription ‘Testimony of Style since 1882’ around the movement. The watch houses a hand-wound calibre, with small seconds, inside its 40mm rose gold case.


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Michael Weare has been a professional writer for 30 years, writing about Japanese technology, German and Italian cars, British tailoring and Swiss watches. Michael manages the editorial content of Click Tempus and will be keeping the magazine fresh and informative with regular features, as well as bringing great writers to the magazine. Email:

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