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Watches for a US Motor Biking Tour

by Charlotte McCulloch
24 September, 2012
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Since living in Singapore as a child and travelling to countries such as Thailand, Borneo and Australia, Charlotte has always had a keen interest in travel. More recent holidays include trips to Paris, New York and the islands around Spain.

Motorcycling through mythical America

Gazing out of your insulated air conditioned business park window conveniently close to the traffic jam that is the M4, don’t you just dream you were climbing aboard a Harley, a Honda, a Kawasaki or a freshly tricked Triumph to take a long winding trip on the open roads of America? Of course you do. There are several locations throughout the US that are the perfect location for a motor biking tour. Some distances are longer than others but each trip combines local scenery, open roads and plenty of activities along the drive.

If you are planning to take a motor bike tour in the near future, make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment, including a cool watch to take along for the ride. Some riders look for a watch to be functional while others look for something that matches the bike.

Regardless of the brand and type of watch you choose, make sure that it is comfortable enough to wear over long distances. Also, consider a watch with durable materials to stand up to the wind, spills and thrills that a bike rider often faces.

Miami Beach to Key West (Florida)

Florida to Key West motorcycle ride


Triumph automatic watch
 Motor bikers will love the views as they traverse the nearly 170 miles from Miami Beach to Key West Florida. The journey along the water provides beautiful views all around. One of the highlights of the trip is the journey across the Seven Mile Bridge, right near Marathon, Florida.

For this excursion, consider a Triumph motor bike watch. There are several different styles to choose from but each one is a functional piece that will work well on any given ride, regardless of the distance.  The thing about these men’s watches is that they were so clearly created with the idea of riding a motorcycle in mind, particularly this specific brand of bike. This, and other designs in the collection seem to live and breathe the open road, fitting in perfectly into the life and style of any motorcyclist.

Hot Springs to Eureka Springs (Arkansas)

Hot Springs to Eureka Springs motorcycle trip

Zanheadgear  watch

Expect a scenic drive when venturing from Hot Springs to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Take Highway 7 and enjoy the switchbacks as well as several small southern towns along the way. The roads are open and easy to navigate. The entire trip is a little less than 200 miles.

Check out a ZAN headgear Chrome Ride Free Skull biker watch for this trip. Aside from its ability to tell time, this watch can add a certain edge to your look. It has an anti-scratch mineral glass that ensures it is a piece you will own and use for an extended amount of time, and at under $30, it’s not exactly going to break the bank if you lose it somewhere on the road.

 Durango to Mesa Verde (Colorado)

Durango to Mesa Verde motorcycle trip


Bell & Ross for Harley Davidson

There is only about 50 miles between Durango and Mesa Verde, Colorado. Don’t underestimate the trip as most riders take the long way around, racking up around 400 miles on their motor bikes. Much like some of the other rides, there are plenty of switchbacks and lots of turns.

Bring along a Harley Davidson watch for this trip. Many motor bikers look for a piece that either matches or complements their ride. Most pieces have the Harley Davidson logo clearly labelled on the face however there is a large selection of styles when it comes to symbols and colours. In 2011, Bell & Ross designed this superb looking embedded watch in the tank of a Harley Davidson.

 Sedona (Arizona) to Zion National Park (Utah)

Sedona (Arizona) to Zion National Park (Utah) motorcycle tripKawasaki G-Shock

Empty highways line the path from Sedona, Arizona to Zion National Park in Utah. Riders will pass through canyons and beside Lake Powell while making their way across the state line.

Along the way, be sure to stop at the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. This venture is a little less than 300 miles.

Kawasaki watches often have a sporty look when compared to the competition. There are several different models to choose from, each one comfortable enough to wear for an extended journey. As with the Bell & Ross tribute to Harley Davidson, here, legendary Japanese brand Casio made a tribute G-Shock ‘G-300KRT-1’ for the Kawasaki racing team, and this is the superb result. Although released in 2005 you can still find if you carefully scour eBay.

 Calistoga to Carmel (California)

Calistoga to Carmel (California) motorcycle trip


Honda motorcyclewatches

Riders will enjoy the western coast of the United States on their adventure from Calistoga to Carmel, California. Taking the Pacific Coast Highway, individuals start out in the Napa Valley and make their way across the Golden Gate Bridge. The entire journey stretches across about 180 miles.

Honda is another popular manufacturer of motor bikes and as such, they also make motor bike watches. These cool chrongraphs will look great sparkling in the sun as you power down the empty highway upon your Gullwing.

Aside from these five locations, there are several different places to travel by motor bike throughout the United States. Each area of the country has different trails to follow with each route delivering something unique for the rider to enjoy.

If a motorbike tour of the USA sounds like something you would like to experience visit for great deals on all your holiday needs, from cheap hotels to flights to the USA.

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Since living in Singapore as a child and travelling to countries such as Thailand, Borneo and Australia, Charlotte has always had a keen interest in travel. More recent holidays include trips to Paris, New York and the islands around Spain.

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