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  • Know Your Watches: Quartz Watches

    Know Your Watches is a new series which explores and explains the many different types of watches available on the market, and which often confuses even the people who are supposed to be selling them. more
  • The secret behind Citizen Eco-Drive technology

    Producing energy from light may eventually provide sufficient power for our daytime domestic and Industrial energy needs, but for watch enthusiasts, the demands of powering quartz timepieces has long been solvable by simply harnessing the more
  • Watches and their sub brands

    One of the joys of living in the Far East is that you get infinite variety. Unlike British high streets which tend to offer exactly the same stores selling exactly the same products the length more
  • Uncensored Japanese watch porn

    Admit it, you love wristwatch porn. You can sit for hours, mouth agape as those big, sexy dials, hot lugs, and perfectly polished sinuous steel bracelets slowly turn and writhe before your eyes. Teasing, tantalizing, more
  • How to choose a tough watch for Outdoor Activities

    Demanding jobs and demanding activities call for a watch that can handle what is asked of it. With many different options it can take many people many years to find the right watch they trust for more
  • The window to watch: 1970s

    What clothes, what watches, what cars and what music were people into in the 1970s? This is the second in our Window to watch series of feature articles that walks through the decades in terms of more
  • Five sizzling hot holiday watches

    At long last, it’s time to unpeel your daily dress watch from your pasty white wrist, throw it in the drawer and haul the chunky diving watch out of its box because all across Europe more
  • EPOS Switzerland

    Each month we focus on a watch brand that is quietly and efficiently creating quality watches but without the harsh glare of launch publicity afforded to the likes of a brand new Rolex, Jaeger LeCoultre, more
  • Is quartz a necessary evil?

    As Olivier Muller of WorldTempus reports, many of the prestige brands are reluctant to admit that they still use quartz in some of their movements. Some hide it, some show it, but it’s a fact: more
  • Turning Points in Time of Alpina Watches

    Our Turning Points In Time series highlights the key events in a watch brand’s history, listing all notable milestones and developments along the way. 1883 Alpina Watches founded Gottlieb Hauser establishes Alpina Watches and at the same time more