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  • Lifestyle: Choosing your vacation watch

    So, you’re all set for your annual vacation. And this year it’s the Seychelles. Lucky you. You’ve even decided on which watch you want to take with you. Wisely you always only take one watch more
  • Lifestyle: Keep it in the black

    The man clad entirely in black can look as if he’s trying too hard to emulate the late great Johnny Cash, but the man with black accessories or carefully chosen items of black clothing, can more
  • Lifestyle: 5 essential watch and wardrobe combinations

    Looking stylish is not about wearing the latest fashions, but carefully co-ordinating quality items so that the overall look simply reflects unmistakeable class. Despite the preference these days for mass production techniques and cheap, throwaway more
  • Lifestyle: Watches for work

    Unless you’re lucky enough to live in the Philippines where time is always approximate, vague and flexible, you need a watch for work. In Britain, as in most of Europe and America, nine o’ clock more
  • Lifestyle: A night at the opera

    When Black Tie is called for, there is no need to panic. If the invitation card states these two little words as the necessary dress code, do not try to re-invent the wheel. All the more
  • TechWatch: Microsoft Surface Pro – Windows rival to the Apple iPad

    For the past few years, Apple’s iPad has dominated the tablet computer market. Since its inception in 2010, the device’s unrivalled user interface, multitude of applications and processing ability has been almost impossible to match. more
  • Lifestyle: Jaguar XJ 3.0 AWD

    Commended for its impeccable styling and luxurious interior, the Jaguar XJ has continued and in fact enhanced the British manufacturer’s glowing reputation for producing high-quality vehicles. Up until now, its flagship saloon exclusively came with more
  • Lifestyle: adidas addiction

    adidas with a lower case ‘a’. It’s not the first brand to achieve the cross over from sports shoe to leisure shoe. That was achieved by Converse ‘Chuck Ts’, the famous canvas baseball boot in more
  • Lifestyle: Guide to the world’s best cognacs

    I’m broke, you broke, we all broke So let’s take our broke asses to the sto’ And steal another bottle of X.O. Short drinks have been making a comeback of late and can be seen adorning many a more
  • Lifestyle: Cravat’s life: best men’s cravats

     This week we got Joanne Ward all tied up in knots exploring men’s cravats “La Cravate, c’est I homme.” Honore de Balzac Of all the neckwear options available to men today, the common tie is undoubtedly the most more