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Jerome Pineau chats to Max Busser, founder of MBandF

by Jerome Pineau
13 January, 2011
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“What Time Is It?” is the first live international web radio show about watches and the people who love them! Hosted by Jerome Pineau, a Franco American media strategist now based in Switzerland, each show features a major industry player. The line-up includes founders, CEOs, designers, watchmakers, bloggers, journalists – anyone who fundamentally impacts any branch of the industry.

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About Max Busser

Maximilian Busser was handed the reins of Harry Winston Rare Timepieces at just 31 years old. The company was next to bankruptcy and without identity or direction. Seven years after the enigmatic Busser took control, Harry Winston had created a series of timepieces that had changed the world of horology and inspired countless new boutique brands. At the peak of Harry Winston’s success, Busser left to form his own company, Maximilian Busser & Friends (MB&F), with less than half the money required to get the project off the ground. Today MB&F is one of the most revered brands in the industry.

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