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The Modern Times of Alpina Watches

by Michael Weare
21 February, 2011
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Michael Weare has been a professional writer for 30 years, writing about Japanese technology, German and Italian cars, British tailoring and Swiss watches. Michael manages the editorial content of Click Tempus and will be keeping the magazine fresh and informative with regular features, as well as bringing great writers to the magazine. Email:

Alpina 01

Alpina: Back to its best

Following the purchase of Alpina Watches by passionate watch entrepreneurs Aletta Stas and Peter Stas in 2002, each watch is still assembled in Switzerland by hand by a team of skilled craftsmen and women.

Alpina Quality Control

Alpina modern 02

Alpina Watches quality control is rigorous. Each watch is carefully assembled in a dust-free, air-controlled area where the white-coated lab technicians, craftsmen and women, often using tools that would still be recognisable to Gottlieb Hauser.

At each step, the watch is controlled for quality and once made it is subjected to a series of tests.

These tests include:

  • The watch is placed in a fast tumbler exposing it to strong rotation forces it is then put inside a custom-made rotation device that simulates the movement of the wrist
  • The watch is then taken out of the rotator and undergoes a full manual check
  • The timing is tested in three to five positions using the revolutionary Deltarox machine
  • The watch is tested for its water-resistance
  • A final visual inspection is done to check for miniscule scratches, particles or discolouration.

Location and head office

Alpina Watches moved to a custom built plant at Plan-les-Ouates just outside Geneva in 2006. Alpina’s neighbouring watch brands include some of the leading names in Swiss watchmaking such as Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe.

Alpina use modern precision tools to extensively check and control every watch that leaves the Manufacture.

Alpina Watches still retain much of the core philosophy developed by its founder Gottlieb Hauser

  • A dedication to innovation
  • A commitment to producing the best watches at the best prices
  • A promise to respect the true beneficiary of an Alpina watch, the customerm
  • A dedication to quality
  • And independence to steer the company’s own course

There are also 4 new guiding principles at the heart of every new watch designed

  • Bold designs
  • Iconic looks
  • Premium materials with black and red finishing
  • Every watch, without, exception is water-resistant to at least 10 ATM, (the Diver Extreme is guaranteed to 100 ATM)

Alpina Brand Ambassadors

The Alpina company actively sponsors various sporting athletes, and has brand ambassadors in sports such as motor racing sailing and jet skiing.

Here are a few of the Alpina brand ambassadors

Chris MacClugage

Alpina modern 03

When you are standing up on a high performance jet ski capable of doing over 100 km/h, being bufeted by strong of shore winds and hitting breakers large enough to send you fying several metres in the air and you are still able to keep control, when you know that any false move could be fatal, and yet you still ride out every day to confront these challenges and come out a winner, then your name is Chris MacClugage, the 13 time World Pro Jet Ski Champion.

Chris needs a watch that is tough but as high performance as he is. He needs a watch that will stand up to all the rigours a Jet Ski racer can throw at it. He needs the Alpina Extreme Diver, rugged, sexy, and extremely resistant. Alpina is proud to be the ofcial sponsor of Chris MacClugage and is honoured that he has chosen to wear our watches while competing in the most extreme circumstances.

Chris MacClugage is the 13 time World Pro Jet Ski Champion and you can find more about him on his Macc Racing website.

Aurelien Ducroz

Alpina modern 04

A truly modern adventurer needs a truly modern watch, and one of today’s most exciting and daring adventurers is Aurélien Ducroz, World Champion Freeride in 2009.

Not satisfed with being one of the world’s leading free-riders – an extreme winter sport where the participants dice with death every time they put on their skis – Aurélien has set himself an even more demanding challenge: to cross the 6’700 kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean solo in a Transat 6.50 sailing boat. Because Aurélien’s world is one of extreme challenges, where the conditions on the mountains or on the high seas are always changing and never less than dangerous, he has to have a watch that he can rely on in all circumstances. That is why he has chosen the Alpina Extreme Regulator
to accompany him in all his adventures.

Aurelien is one of today’s most exciting and daring adventurers, World Champion Freeride in 2009.

Romain Brandela

Alpina modern 05

Romain Brandela is a professional racing driver and it his job to race these cars on the FFSA GT and FIA circuits, piloting a race-going Lamborghini to victory. Romain has been passionate about motor sports for as long as he can remember, and passionate about high quality sports watches, too. That is why Alpina is privileged to partner with him in his quest to be the champion. We are thrilled that Romain has chosen to wear one of our watches knowing that the design, quality and sheer desirability of an Alpina watch is the perfect complement to him and his chosen passion – speed.

Romain Brandela of the Brandela GT Team has the enviable job of racing Lamborghini’s for a living while being sponsored all the way by Alpina Watches.

The Alpina Collection

Alpina Watches reflect their strong sporting heritage and all the watch themes hint of daring, skill, excitement and adventure. At the same time, Alpina watches aim to deliver outstanding value for money.

Alpina Adventure Collection

To promote their Adventure series Alpina supports a wide range of athletes and explorers including ladies Jet Ski Champion Rachel Maclugage and Ben Southall, the young man offered the world’s best job of a lifetime to spend a year on a paradise island to blog about his experiences.

Extreme Diver

Alpina modern 06

Extreme Regulator

Alpina modern 07


Alpina modern 08

Other watches in this range include Extreme Regulator Automatic and Extreme Automatic

Alpina Aviation Collection

During two decades, Alpina Watch International was known as a specialized manufacturer and official supplier of military watches, utilized by pilots. These early aviation pioneers had strict requirements: their instruments had to be extremely precise and provide ultimate shock resistance. Almost a century later and after having revisited its rich aviation heritage, Alpina introduces the new Startimer Pilot Collection, offering four exciting variations.

Aviation Chronograph

Alpina modern 09

Other watches in this collection include Aviation Automatic and Aviation Manufacture

Alpina Racing Collection

12 hours of Sebring

Alpina modern 10

There are two or three races in the American motor racing calendar that are, without doubt, some of the most important races not just in the States, but anywhere. The famous trinity are the Indy 500, Daytona and the daddy of them all, the 12 Hours of Sebring. The Sebring endurance race is the oldest race in the US and has welcomed teams and racers known across generations and continents.

Alpina Watches continue to be the Official Timekeeper for the race and offer the limited edition “12 Hours of Sebring” series of watches.

Alpina Club Collection

Club is Alpina’s lifestyle range and has found popularity with several celebrities including actors Laurence Fishburne of CSI and Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives. Club collection watches are Swiss made luxury time pieces and have a retail price of only US$950 for the Club Chronograph going up to just US$2950 for the above Manufacture Regulator, with its movement made entirely in-house.

Tourbillon Manufacture Regulator

Alpina modern 11

Other watches in this range include Club Manufacture Regulator, Club Automatic and Club Chronograph

Alpina is across the world

Fans, collectors and aficionados alike can find their favourite time pieces in over 300 watch retailers throughout the world.

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Michael Weare has been a professional writer for 30 years, writing about Japanese technology, German and Italian cars, British tailoring and Swiss watches. Michael manages the editorial content of Click Tempus and will be keeping the magazine fresh and informative with regular features, as well as bringing great writers to the magazine. Email:

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