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Lifestyle: Yacht wear; Yacht or not?

by Di Davidson-Amadi
3 April, 2013
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Di has provided a bit of everything when it comes to editorial content; he’s written reviews for specialist film sites, articles on the latest gadgetry for the glossies and he’s never too far away from a heated debate on the latest footballing furore. Noted for his keen wit and analytical accuracy, this avid reader and screenwriting hobbyist probably spends a little too much time around words.

Yacht clothes

We gave Di Davidson Amadi a thick wedge from petty cash and sent him off to buy yachting clothes. These are his choices

Luxury yachts – the recreational play thing of Sheiks and Russian oligarchs alike; social arena to the elite. The dagger-like watercrafts have always been on the shopping lists of multibillionaires with a cool £200 million on the side to spend.

Brands such as Azimut, Blohm + Voss and Holland’s Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyard Company continue to carve out strikingly attractive white gliders that comb the clear blue waters of exotic destinations like seafaring angels. Their appeal hasn’t waned one bit down the years.

These great machines are an incredible status symbol; one of wealth, class and above all else, power, so it’s quickly identifiable as to why they interest a largely male demographic.

But the picture is only about two thirds complete – you have the ship, you have the right crowd but there is something else missing…Ah yes! Every yachter requires the appropriate yacht wear to cement their belonging within this exclusive community.

In this sphere, the clothes definitely maketh the man and everything must be considered –size, cut, material, comfort, colour, the whole nine yards (or fathoms in this case). There are numerous brands out there which specialise in the field, there are others who don’t yet still offer suitable alternatives. We intend to provide a comprehensive guide to looking good on a big expensive boat.

Boat shoes – Sole Man

It’s often said that the first thing a lady notices on a fella is his shoes. This applies doubly for yachters who size you up almost across the length of the stern to bow divide. The perfect boat shoes have three principal objectives – to be comfortable, to grip well and to be showy as possible within reason.

Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers® Heritage 2-Eyelet Boat Shoe – £90.00

Men's Earthkeepers Heritage 2 eyelet boat shoes

The Timberland Earthkeepers collection by one of the leading manufacturers of rugged outdoorsy apparel is a popular choice at a reasonable price. They come in many different eye-catching colour variations, boast the finest full-grain and nubuck leathers and are hand sewn as part of the Timberland stamp of authenticity. Moreover, the forefoot is siped (engraved with tire-like tread) for improved traction during a wet and wild yachting soiree. Better to be prepared. Buy them here

Mr. Hare King Tubby Special Navy- £560

Mr Hare King Tubby Special Navy

Mr. Hare is a black shoe company that specialises in nightwear. This doesn’t mean that the clothes are expressly designed for cat-burglars and ninjas, what it means is that this brand of handmade beauties are suitable for late nights out on the tiles with friends.

Here we have some of their pricey Italian calf leather brothel creepers that again come in different shades. Their rubber undercarriage offer that security on a hazardous deck whilst the elongated toe box give the shoe a narrow elegance, and let’s face it, everybody wants everything to look that much slimmer nowadays. Buy them here

The Outfit – Captain Fabtastic

Starting from the bottom and working your way up to the top is the occupational philosophy for many of the individuals aboard luxury cruisers. Ceremoniously, the same applies to our rundown of ensemble possibilities. Good bottoms lead to a suitable top and then the extras form themselves amicably around what you’ve already got.


There are choices for casual or grander occasions; this can even include the right pair of shorts. But if you don’t fancy the cutting chill of the breeze from the waves lashing off of your hind end, then here are some brilliant trouser-length options.

Musto Acapulco Jeans- £80.00

Musto Acapulco jeans

Musto have a dedicated pedigree within competitive sailing that spans as far back as the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, but have they ever taken on a swaying boatload of champagne, rich sauces and excitable revellers during a reception? Not for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, Musto excel at providing stylish clothes for the outdoorsman and these boat-embroidered, label-embossed jeans are a change from the traditional preppy trends associated maritime leisure. Rolled up, these would look great with some saddle shoes for that classical balance between smart and cool. Buy them here

Gucci Tab Detail Chino £175.00

Gucci Tab Detail Chino

Chinos are the norm on a yacht to the point of cliché in fact, yet they’re still timelessly necessary. Whites and beiges typify that summery outlook, but this soft salmon shade offers a delicate variation from the two-toned flatness of years gone by. Gucci of course vaunt their unique logo on a back pocket tab too (provided admirers are close enough to see it), other than that, just be content with the cosiness and tidiness of the garment. Buy them here

La Breton Shirt

La Breton shirt

The Breton, much like the chino, is almost compulsory nautical attire. The striped top that was once recognised as the perfunctory French fisherman’s uniform has remained agelessly fashionable on land as well as sea.

Though many will argue as to whether the cute loose-fitting stalwart has that authoritative mien a yacht man would require for his image.

James Dean – The Breton and the rebel

Gucci Tab Detail Chino

The movie icon who was perhaps best known as Jim Stark in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ (1955) was a testosterone-fuelled embodiment of machismo, diversity and panache all the way to the grave.

James Dean Breton shirt

Not unlike the Breton, his looks transcend time. He was often snapped in one demonstrating that the right Breton conveys calm and intelligence in a manner that doesn’t call your virility into question.

Our pick

Paul Smith White Breton Stripe T-Shirt – £65.00

Paul Smith Breton shirt

You can’t go wrong with a Breton of any type. This is a modern take on the definitive look – this time with a sky blue yoke topping off the white and grey marl combination and short sleeves. It’s slim fitting to accentuate the physique and the crew neck is a typical staple of a summertime garment. Buy it here


Paul Smith Polka Dot Cotton Chambray Shirt – £150.00

Paul Smith Polka Dot Chambray shirt

100% cotton and blue as the ocean that would welcome it. Polka dots have become a fad again recently but the dot print on this shirt is much understated so that you don’t overstep the line between audacious and ridiculous – the Chambray colouration process makes certain of this. Buy it here

Brunello Cucinelli Polo Shirt – £271.65

Brunello Cucinello Polo Shirt

From the Dell’oglio Boutique in Palermo, Italy, Brunello Cucinelli’s philosophy of continental sophistication takes even the standard polo to the next level. Something as simplistic as this green cotton shirt entails expert homespun tailoring that maintains its appearance and permanence for years, so think of your £270 as an investment unlike usual purchases. Buy it here

Blazers – Trail Blazers

Pastels and nudes are in. Dark navy is okay but are obviously quite terrible at reflecting heat away from the body, plus they just don’t emanate the grandeur of lighter colours.

Pastel blazers work well because they are within keeping with the theme of brightness but they are not so garish that they look like they can provide the recyclable material for one of Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown’s multi-coloured patchwork monstrosities.

Yoshi Funabashi Blazer – £530.00

Yoshi Funabashi jacket

Yoshi Funabashi, the designer born in Nagasaki, Japan knows a thing or two about the fashion business. He prides himself on reinterpretations of classic clothing items which have brought him to this single-breasted number. It’s actually tweed meshed together from several similar shades of red to make the intricate detail you can see in the patterning. The dual back vents will keep you as cool as you look in the hottest climes. Buy it here

Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garçons Man Deconstructed Jacket – £1,491.36

Junya Watanabe Commes Des Garcons Deconstructed Jacket

Coming in at the price of many second hand automobiles, the Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garçons Man Deconstructed Jacket (try saying that three times really fast) sounds as refined and worldly as the finished product. The luxury clothier have spruced together this wool-silk blend jacket with contrasting grey panel around the hem and cuffs, tonal stitching and a central rear vent. I believe the phrase is ‘showstopper’. Buy it here

Knitwear – Alternative to the blazer

Henri Lloyd Parrell Fitted Crew Knit – £95.00

Henri Lloyd Fitted Crew Knit

Back with Henri Lloyd again and this fitted crew neck basket weave sweater. Back with the navy also that lends this jumper has that conservative laid-back appeal it has. Intelligently, the crew neck lets the soft air and sun lick off of your neck, meanwhile the ribbed hem and cuff prevent drafts from below from nipping at your midriff. Buy it here

Vivienne Westwood Classic Orb Mustard V-Neck Jumper – £171.00

Vivienne Westwood Classic Orb Mustard V-Neck jumper

Available in mustard, grey and, you guessed it, navy blue, the Vivienne Westwood classic orb is the ideal hot weather yacht jumper. It’s thin knitted, hugging the body tightly with its natural breathable cotton texture, the v-neck dips to the mid sternum and, in all the right places, it’s ribbed for his pleasure (wink wink). Buy it here

The watch – Time is of the essence

Rolex Yacht-Master II

Rolex Yacht-Master II

Of course the Rolex Yacht-Master collection would be the frontrunner for our selection of timepieces. There are a few variants that utilise different materials and complications that you can buy, but the Yacht-Master II Oyster 44mm white gold and platinum has a silvery homogeneity that acts as a dampener to the flair and deliberate disorder of the outfit selections. Its minimalist features -which include a bidirectional 90 degree rotatable ring command bezel and a regatta countdown function with programmable memory – still suggest wealth but only to the right crowd – those who are genuine watch enthusiasts.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grande Complication

The AP Royal Oak selection – like many of Audemars Piguet’s extensive catalogue – are a set of ingeniously technical power-driven beasts that clearly define the owner as somewhat of a control freak. We all are on our day, we just never admit to it. With a Royal Oak though, you unconsciously admit it and then some. Don’t believe me; you only need to check out Audemars Piguet’s long list of celebrity ambassadors which include tennis number one Novak Djokovic, golf’s number one Rory McIlroy and the best football player on the planet, Lionel Messi.

The Grande Complication brags a plethora of useful tech, each crafted out of the most lavish materials right down to the sapphire glass face protector and 18-carat white gold folding clasp.  The perpetual calendar, minute repeater, split-seconds chronograph and small seconds display perched neatly above the visible movement make this watch look like a mobile time machine (no pun intended) from a Sci Fi film. Braced with black croc skin straps and encased inside of a solid white gold construction, you’re prepared for a showy occasion as much as you’re equipped should you need to calculate the seasons whilst marooned at sea.

U-Boat Classico CAS 53mm

Classico U-Boat Cas 53mm

Big and bold – just like a yacht; only as hardworking and sturdy as the submersible vessels that give the company its name, the U-Boat Classico Cas 53mm is all about what this article is about – macho glitz. It’s an almost indestructible sports watch that is battened down with layers of brass on the dial, a rust-coloured leather bracelet and that trademark screw-down crown and protection device that prevents unwanted substances from entering and absorbing shock. There are 45 mm variations but the 53mm looks more substantial and far less untidy. Buy it here

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Di has provided a bit of everything when it comes to editorial content; he’s written reviews for specialist film sites, articles on the latest gadgetry for the glossies and he’s never too far away from a heated debate on the latest footballing furore. Noted for his keen wit and analytical accuracy, this avid reader and screenwriting hobbyist probably spends a little too much time around words.

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