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  • Six Watches for Rebekah Brooks’ Big Day

    Caught in the light of the world’s cruel gaze, hounded by photographers, besieged by tweets, the media’s latest quarry stares forlornly through a rain spattered car window. How the tables have turned. Anyone with even a more
  • 5 Brilliant bail out watches

    As America hurtles towards default on its debt repayments, and Europe teeters on the brink of an all enveloping Euro crisis, where does a guy turn to for a smart, reliable and above all affordable more
  • Great watch ideas for this Father’s Day

    Much as Dads might think they deserve it, the grim reality is not many kids are going to lash out big money for them on Father’s Day. Dads are just dads. What is it exactly that more
  • Is quartz a necessary evil?

    As Olivier Muller of WorldTempus reports, many of the prestige brands are reluctant to admit that they still use quartz in some of their movements. Some hide it, some show it, but it’s a fact: more
  • Swiss quality watchwords

    Whether it’s watches, chocolate, underwear or cuckoo clocks, the Swiss insistence on perfection and quality shines through in everything to which they turn their attention. Unlike most major economies, Switzerland has avoided sending everything to China more
  • Mother’s Day – spend a little time

    It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday across much of the world so today we take a brief break from our exclusively male oriented watch world to feature an article by acclaimed watch journalist Elizabeth Doerr on more
  • How to give a watch as a gift

    A watch can be a lasting and treasured possession to receive as well as a joy to give and is an appropriate gift for a variety of different occasions. Follow our Click Tempus guide to more
  • Babe Magnet Watches

    We’re not suggesting the wearing of any of these watches is going to result in a queue of babes begging for your phone number, but they will send out powerful signals that you’re a man more
  • The Bluffer’s guide to haute horology

    This may come as a surprise, but there are many people out there who think a watch is for telling the time and that horology is the study of a medical condition. There are men more
  • Never mind what’s in your wallet, what’s on your wrist?

    If you’re one of those eager young chaps assiduously scaling the corporate ladder, what you wear on your wrist matters. Whether you like it or not your watch reflects your taste, your status, and of more