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  • Cool Stuff: Tactical BBQ Apron

    Technically speaking, summer is well upon on us, which can only mean one thing: BBQ time. Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a good barbeque? The problem we have in the UK is that because of more
  • Lifestyle: Wake up your watch with a new strap

    When you come to buy a new watch how much consideration do you give to the strap? For a lot of people, it can often be overlooked.  Sure, they’ll take time out to carefully study more
  • Cool Stuff: Magno Grip Magnetic Wristband

    Cool Stuff is our new series which takes a look at well…things that are cool! If you’re one of those people who struggles when it comes to DIY and need as much help as possible in more
  • Lifestyle: Paris like a Parisian

    You’ll never find a Parisian up the Eiffel Tower: everyone knows that the city’s iconic monuments and landmarks are only visited by tourists. Parisians would equally never eat at one of the many garish restaurants more
  • Lifestyle: Jeans to win the woman of your dreams

    In Western civilisation where fashion reigns supreme and our culture is very much appearance centric, men can often end up falling below par, unwittingly giving females the upper hand. The below par male This could be any more
  • Lifestyle: Trail blazers

    Do you have an important interview coming up or an elegant party to attend? Or do you simply fancy sporting a new image to welcome the spring season? Either way, if you want people to more
  • 6 great watch and sneaker combinations

    In America they call them sneakers, in the UK we call them trainers. Whatever your term for rubber soled shoes, they have become the footwear of choice for everywhere from the workout to the workplace, more
  • Earn your stripes

    Have you ever noticed that one of the little foibles of many rich and successful men is to discreetly add an eccentric splash of colour to their wardrobe, something perhaps hidden, and yet when shown more
  • Know Your Watches: Complications

    The Know Your Watches series explores and explains the many different types of watches available on the market today. It is true that many of these watches often confuse even the people who are supposed to more
  • Lifestyle: CT City Guides: 5 unmissable things to do in Cape Town

    With so many wonderful watches that we showcase daily on Click Tempus, we thought it was a shame not to show you some incredible places on this beautiful planet where you can be seen wearing more