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  • Which watches to take on holiday

    With Britain currently knee deep in the white stuff, it’s not surprising that many people are dreaming of their summer holidays. In fact not only are they dreaming, they are also scheming, planning and paying more
  • Time in a bottle: The launch of Thirsty Watch

    French watch manufacturer Paris France Montres has launched a new brand of unisex watches which take their design inspiration from the bright colours of fruit. The brand is called Thirsty Watch and is launching with more
  • Which watch for: A cage fighter

    If you’re into eating punches, getting it on with a little dirty boxing and like nothing more than some blood spilling ground and pound, you are clearly a cage fighter fan, and over the past more
  • Leaner times: The return of the 38mm men’s watch

    As you will quickly discover if you walk around what little is left of Britain’s high streets, it’s not only profits that are getting progressively slimmer. Suits have been trimmed, ties have gone on a more
  • Glam Rock Watches

    Mention Glam Rock to an old timer like me and I automatically think of T.Rex, The Sweet, and early David Bowie. I accept that with the possible exception of David Bowie, most people under 30, more
  • Christmas TV watch commercials

    Fears that Britain is heading for a triple-dip recession have heightened after the latest snapshot of the construction industry revealed a deterioration in business conditions… Meanwhile flooding in Britain has brought misery to hundreds more homes, more
  • 6 shirt and watch Christmas crackers

    It’s about this time of year that all the women’s magazines start to offer suggestions for party frocks and accessories. But why should the women have all the fun? Men can dress up too, and more
  • Watch Wish

    These are the watches that can turn a normally peace loving man into something of a vigilante. These are the watches that can push a man over the edge, due to the quality of their more
  • ‘Jorg’ more years

    Congratulations to President Barack Obama, who heads back to the White House following what ultimately turned out to be a convincing win of 7 swing States and the endorsement of the popular vote, 2 points more
  • Time machine: 1980s

    If you could time travel back in time, to which era would you return? Once they had discovered that the Victorian era was full of sickness and diseases, most time travellers would ultimately opt for more