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Click Tempus is an international online watch magazine bringing its message to the entire watch loving community, from the budding enthusiast to the seasoned connoisseur.

The philosophy behind Click Tempus is to provide readers with news and views on the whole wide world of watches – antique, vintage and modern – and to place watches within the context of a wider lifestyle.

We report on the latest product launches, and garner important news from wherever great watches are made, while featuring articles on lifestyle, fashion, film and celebrities. Our dynamic content is instructive as well as entertaining, with How To guides, historical trivia and craft tutorials forming an educational boon. Interviews with some of the most important names in watch-making offer our readers the chance to see behind the curtain of this unique industry.

Our experienced team of writers, brought together for their passion for luxury watches and their diverse outlooks, hail from around the world.

And the great thing about Click Tempus is that anyone can contribute: we welcome insights from all our readers who want to add relevant and topical commentary to the ongoing watch debate.




Stephen Baring, owner at Click TempusStephen Baring
Editorial Director, OwnerClick Tempus is the creation of director Stephen Baring, owner of the online watch gallery Tempus Suisse – Bond Street based purveyors of top quality watches. Having collected and dealt in luxury watches for many years, he has a specialist interest in vintage and antique timepieces. His enduring interest in fine art is manifest in his directing of Tempus Gallery: a site showcasing an extensive collection of many covetable original paintings, lithographs, prints and objets d’art by both contemporary artists and by some of the most renowned names in the canon.



Watches: Modern and Vintage

Simon Lazarus, contributor to Click Tempus MagazineSimon Lazarus

Simon Lazarus writes for a number of national and international publications. His regular contributions to Click Tempus cover a wide variety of watch related stories including the latest news of new watches, celebrities, auctions, and even a few spectacular watch robberies. Always worth reading!

Jonathan Fairfield, contributor to Click Tempus MagazineJonathan Fairfield

Jonathan lives and works in Thailand as a writer and English Teacher. He is fanatical about football which makes it all the more strange that he should support Stockport County. In addition to watches, Jonathan has a passion for fitness and nutrition and writes for a blog on the subject.

Rachael Miller, contributor to Click Tempus MagazineRachael Miller

Rachael is a journalist with a love of fashion and watches. No one would believe that behind her carefree smile she harbours a deep dislike of raisins. Rachael reports on fashion watches, handling special assignments with an emphasis on watches for women.

Charlotte McCulloch, contributor to Click Tempus MagazineCharlotte McCulloch

Since living in Singapore as a child and voyaging to countries such as Thailand, Borneo and Australia, avid watch collector Charlotte has always had a keen interest in travel. More recent excursions include trips to Paris, New York and the islands around Spain.

Philip Kasper, contributor to Click Tempus magazinePhilip Kasper

Philip is widely travelled and has worked as a freelance journalist covering several topics including fashion, travel and watches. He also spent five years in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry in La Chaux de Fonds. Philip reports on all the latest watch news.


Emily Longstaff, contributor to Click Tempus MagazineEmily Longstaff

Emily is an enthusiastic journalist and reporter with an extensive background in the Art and Design industry. She has co-written an academic paper in Apparel Design supported by Westminster University and has been credited in numerous magazines and journals. Her work is widely sought after and has been redistributed over many well known websites such as Sky News online. Emily currently writes for New York publication Art Observed as well as several other publications.

Sanza, contributor to Click Tempus MagazineSanza Bulaya

Sanza Bulaya is an accomplished writer and the Founder of the Ginkgo Project (, a form of media that provides a space for the commentary and circulation of art and culture. Also passionate about various disciplines such as boxing and lifestyle, he’s currently living in Taiwan to be in touch with the emerging Asia.

Christopher Davies, contributor to Click Tempus MagazineChristopher Davies

Christopher Davies is a freelance journalist with an online publishing background having been the Editor of Manufacturing Digital magazine. He now contributes automotive articles to Click Tempus but is looking to expand into gadgets, technology and more!

Di Davidson-Amadi, contributor to Click TempusDi Davidson-Amadi

Di has provided a bit of everything when it comes to editorial content; he’s written reviews for specialist film sites, articles on the latest gadgetry for the glossies and he’s never too far away from a heated debate on the latest footballing furore. Noted for his keen wit and analytical accuracy, this avid reader and screenwriting hobbyist probably spends a little too much time around words.

Birgit Martin

Well travelled adventure seeker on her second stint in London. A lover of weird food and the good life, Birgit previously worked as a section editor for Kerrang!, Britain’s best-selling music magazine. Born and raised Capetonian but a grown-up Berliner.



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